a b o u t

Drawing his sound from a diverse set of stylistic influences, c a n d i d !  creates a blend of timeless music for audiences of all ages.

In its conception and early days, c a n d i d ! came together as a group of high school friends in the heart of Southern California, at the Orange County School of the Arts. With Carson Ripley as frontman and band leader, the group recorded in their first EP, Bananas For Breakfast. Including bedroom pop hits “The Ballad of Harambe” and “Sarah,” which soon became cult classics among their peers across the country. 

Together they continued to play and record, releasing a full length album and follow up EP all recorded during their time together in high school. When Ripley returned from a 2 year mission trip to France after high school, distance and creative differences pulled the group in separate directions, leaving Ripley to steer the project to greater heights. 

He began his solo run of c a n d i d ! with “Ugh, So Good!” a disco funk inspired track, sharing the highs of grooving around the roller rink for hours. His next single, “Pitter Patter” a flirtatious feel good track, with an infections bounce. Throughout next year, c a n d i d ! will continue to roll out his latest EP inspired by the vast emotions of Ripley’s exhilarating past year.

Today c a n d i d ! has amassed over 7 million streams on Spotify alone.